Fill Me Up

Sometimes one can only write… to the world, to the universe, just to put it out there and get it off your chest (and my chest is so heavy this weekend). I put this out here for the world just to ask it to remind me of all the goodness that I have inside me. I know it’s there but right now I need to be reminded. It would be extra special to be surprised by the goodness of people and the miracle of love, but perhaps that is asking too much. Instead, I just ask to be reminded of the strength I felt the last time I wrote here. I ask to be reminded and filled up with the courage and bravery that lives deep inside of me so that I can live free of any feelings of sadness or inadequacy. Fill me up, Lord. Fill me up.


8 thoughts on “Fill Me Up

  1. Praying that you are filled with the peace that comes with knowing you Are a child of God. AND my daughter and that you are loved worthy a d beautiful down to your core.accept it believe it and live it.

  2. I wanted to comment to a) tell you I’ve missed your writing, b) that you inspire me, and c) that i took feel like im standing here, waiting for that same message to be found. xo, A

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