A New Honor

I was surprised with an email in my in-box today alerting me that my blog is the recipient of a new honor. Una Vita Bella has been selected as one of 16 Best Depression Blogs of 2013 by Healthline. The most wonderful thing about this honor is that people are still finding value in my posts even though I don’t post near as often as I used to (or yes, let’s go ahead and say it, rarely) and this gives me a big giant warm fuzzy feeling.

It really is a privilege to know that the pourings out of my heart in the past still resonate with someone, even if it only does with one. Funny how a little (or big) acknowledgement stirs in me the desire to write more and share more. I hope I can make time to share more of my experiences, struggles and triumphs here, because it’s good for me and perhaps it is good for someone else, too!

The Best Depression Blogs

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