Smile on the Inside

I keep starting this post with different sentences that sound important and then deleting them. The truth is that I don’t have anything of massive importance to share, but I just feel like sharing something because, I am in the sharing mood.

So often when I write or think about writing here the theme of “living a beautiful life” enters my mind and I look at where I am at and may think for a minute, “What’s so beautiful about this life of mine?” but then I remember… so very much is beautiful. I didn’t ask myself that question today, which means I am feeling life’s beauty instinctively and that is such a good good feeling.

I am also feeling full of hope recently, and renewed faith. I love the way I can feel those emotions light up in my eyes. I always feel it in my eyes, like they are smiling from the inside, when I am delighted. I wonder if other people notice it in me…can they see the hope in my eyes or the child-like awe that I am feeling? If they can’t, then I guess it is my little secret, but I hope they can and as a result feel some of it themselves.

What makes you smile on the inside? Even in spite of any pain or financial hardship or stress? What bursts through and takes over despite those things? Share with me?

This song makes me feel happy and smile on the inside and the outside, (it just makes me want to get up and dance) so I thought I would share it with you!

One thought on “Smile on the Inside

  1. Hello! I just found your blog today while searching out Fibro/CFS info. Your life sounds like mine! So wonderful and comforting to read your journey as it is so much like mine. Thank you for doing this blog! I am going to follow you and perhaps begin a journal online. God Bless you!!! Marjie

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