This Is What I Will Do

So often in life I have felt like I don’t fit in… I have felt like I don’t belong.  I don’t remember exactly when that feeling started for me… I don’t recall feeling that way at 4 or 5 or 6. I must have developed that feeling as a teenager or preteen and somehow never shook it. When life became more challenging and difficult life events piled upon one another I must have internalized these feeling so deep because it still lives with me today.

Now, most of the time I feel good being me, most days I am proud of me and can recognize my strengths. But sometimes, the feelings of not being good enough, of being inadequate or feeling like a failure find a way to creep back in. This is one of those days!

I am certain this is entirely human and not a problem specific to me, but wow, when it hits it feels like I am the only one in the world feeling this way. When the self-doubt and insecurities take over, it feels so real and true. It’s hard to shake. It takes work to get past it and sometimes, depending on the circumstances that brought about the feelings, it can take a long time to gain back confidence.


So, here is what I will do. I will tell myself “I can.” I will tell myself “You are good enough.” I will tell myself “You are a beautiful and wonderful creation of God’s and worthy of good things.” I will say, “You are worthy of more than feeling this way.” And, I will say, “You are forgiven for your failures, tomorrow is a new day.”

It may not shake the feelings instantaneously, but it will work. It will replace the negative thoughts and not just because it works to repeat things like this but because it is truth.

5 thoughts on “This Is What I Will Do

  1. Hi, nice to see you posting.

    I’m a strong believer that tomorrow really is another day. One day at a time when you feel like this. I’ve got so many blogs I follow and that follow me that are feeling really low right now. It’s almost like somethings been put into the water. I kind of wrote a post and threw it in my drafts, mostly in support of these people. I’ll publish it tonight.

    It’s hard when you have a good run and then all of sudden that whole self doubt/failure takes over our minds. Your a really positive person and what you have written is very inspiring. Your a lot stronger woman than you think.
    You inspire me. Have a great weekend. It will all soon pass. Hugs to you. Paula xxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you so very much, Paula!

      I am blessed that it was one bad day in a mix of a bunch of great ones, but the feelings can flood back quickly and can take some time to recover from! I will look forward to reading your post. Sending love and prayers out to all who are suffering.


  2. Oh my, just reading all of what you beautiful people have written gives me strength to keep up the good fight, because the other side, when you achieve it, is so sweet. I am coming off a good six months of feeling like a purposeful, whole individual, and I think I scared my self into a relapse, which I’ve been in the last two weeks. I am doing yoga and getting into my savasanna, which helps, as do breathing exercises and intense physical activity. With your help and support, I know I will come to be “me” again.
    Just being able to reach out feels so good. I have hidden my anxiety and depression for years. Blessings to you all. I am here for you. Julie C.

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