A Beautiful Life is Full of Changes

Life is ever-changing isn’t it? Sometimes changes are transitions like the rolling hills on a country road and other times the changes are more like the first deep plunge of a roller coaster ride. Many times, it’s a combination of both! Life has been full of so many changes for me and my family. Lucky for me, they are beautiful, life-giving changes and gifts from God. As it is, changes still require adaptation and periods of transition.

My life has been renewed this last year and a half. I have been given the love of my life and I became his wife. I have a much larger family now (from 2 kids to 5!). My struggle with Fibromyalgia isn’t near the painful existence that it used to be, in fact, it’s minuscule in comparison (not entirely gone, but WAY better!). I think I may always contend with the beast of depression (and always want to talk about it) as it has been with me for most of my life, but my focus in life is, more often than not, to not focus on depression as my life sentence. I am also now focusing on parenting one young child with severe autism and another who was diagnosed as being on the spectrum but high functioning. I am also focused on parenting the three teenagers we have who aren’t on the spectrum but present a whole different set of challenges! And, I continue to be passionate about social media and work from home as a social media project manager. But my main and most important focus in life is to be the best and most loving faith-filled wife and mother I can be, who still makes a mess of things sometimes, has a lot of messes to clean up and works hard to remember that life is always beautiful. Perhaps this new chapter is deserving of a fresh and clean blog slate.

What do you think?

Cleaver Wedding-29

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Life is Full of Changes

  1. When you say, “a clean blog slate,” does that mean you are considering a whole new blog? If so, I say concurrently “go for it!” and “don’t do it!” because I can see the benefits of both starting over and keeping up this blog.

    It makes sense to start over and head in a new direction, uncolored by the past. On the other hand, aren’t all those posts reflective on how you became the person you are? Do they not take us, your readers, your friends, on your journey and help us understand how you came to be in this new, wonderful place?

    That said, your readers will follow you anywhere…

    • Yes… I mean start all over and you are exactly right about the pros and cons. You see my dilemma! Thank you for your insight and support. XO!

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