Why We’re All Dying To Catch What Kara Has {& giveaway winners}

If you haven’t heard about Kara Tippetts and the amazing grace with which she is living life with cancer you will want to read this post, find her blog and book AND find the peace and comfort that’s waiting for you in God’s love shown so wonderfully by her example!


Wow, so many of you poured out love and grace on my post in your comments to Kara Tippetts. Thank you for that. Such grace. Thousands are praying for this dear one and her family.

shine like the starsOh but dear ones, a comment that stood out to me: “Do not doubt for a minute that God is using your story to touch lives.” So.True. And from another comment: Isaiah 55:12, “For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace.” Is it foolish for me to pray like David did (2 Samuel 12:16-23)??

david praying 2 samuelI know David’s suffering was under completely different circumstances, but I will continue to pray and plead for healing for Kara. I rend my clothes and cry out and beg for her life. And if she stays, I will get up and praise God.

And if she goes… I will still get up and…

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