You Want Me to do What? Why You Should Consider Clinical Trials as an Option

Okay, so I’m writing about something that may seem totally unrelated to my normal content here on Una Vita Bella, but what’s “normal” for me anymore? Not much. The one thing that is normal is that I have always had a focus on well-being and health and that continues to be the case, whether it be mine, a family member’s or even the neighbor down the street. And with Health Activism as a pretty healthy focus of mine (see what I did there?) I think it won’t surprise anyone too much that I have an interest in sharing information about clinical trials with you.

I used to be afraid of clinical trials, in fact, I would always want to be an informed patient before I participated in one myself, but that’s part of being a responsible patient. After a health scare of my own recently and learning about others who face health challenges of their own and have participated in clinical trials, I’m not afraid to say that I believe clinical trials are important – nor would I hesitate to look into them for a health issue I face personally or for my own family.

Clinical trials are the route all investigational treatments or medications must go through before receiving approval and becoming available to the general public. They are regulated research studies that provide hope to many. Without these trials, we would not see advancement in treatments or medications.


I have had the pleasure of becoming a CureClick Ambassador recently and as a result I am learning so much about clinical trials and what is available to the public. I sincerely believe these trials are amazing avenues to further our knowledge of diseases and illness and provide unique opportunities for their participants. Because of this, I want to share one particular trial that is accepting applicants currently.

Here are some details:

“The SPIRE program is looking for people who are taking a cholesterol lowering medication but still have high cholesterol. If you qualify, you might be interested in participating in a research study.

This study evaluates the PCSK9 inhibitor, Bococizumab compared to placebo, in reducing the occurrence of major cardiovascular events, including cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, stroke, and unstable angina requiring urgent revascularization, in high risk subjects who are receiving background lipid lowering therapy and have cholesterol laboratory values of LDL-C >/= 70 mg/dL or non-HDL-C >/= 100 mg /dl.”

The full study details and eligibility criteria are listed here.

High cholesterol is linked to increased risk of heart disease and often times lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and regular exercise can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels. (Mayo Clinic) There are times when medication is needed and situations where lifestyle factors are not the only factor at play. Some people may have genetic and hereditary causes for high cholesterol. (Mayo Clinic) No matter what factors are involved, it’s an important issue to address. If uncontrolled, you could be at increased risk for heart attack. (Mayo Clinic) With this in mind, if you are currently on medication for high cholesterol or know someone who is, this clinical trial may be a great opportunity for them or you. Please don’t hesitate to share the information because you never know who it may help and who may be eligible.

With all that said, here’s a little more about clinical trials so that you can be better informed, too.

top-reasons-people-choose-to-participate-in-clinical-trialsstudy-volunteer-ratings-of-the-quality-of-care-that-they-received-in-a-clinical-trialPeople tend to choose to participate in clinical trials in an effort to help advance the field of medicine and improve the lives of others, a pretty noble thing to do! Also, participants find that the quality of care they receive while participating is excellent.

Watch for further shares of clinical trials available to you via this blog and on Twitter. And one last time, if you want to learn more about the high cholesterol trial I mentioned above, click here!

HighCholesterolWhile this post may be different from many of my past, you probably know I feel passionate about health and that is not limited to mental health or chronic pain conditions only. To have the chance to spread the word about the availability of clinical trials is something I feel privileged to be able to do! If you would like to know more about my relationship with CureClick, please go here.